Tree of Life Angel Cards
The Tree of Life Angel Cards represent the Angels of the Shemhamemphoresch. An Angelic hierarchy of powerful Angels of energy and light derived from the 72-fold name of God, as was written and recorded in ancient Hebrew Kabalistic manuscripts. It is a form of celestial government involving Angelic energies, each Angel has their own job, purpose and/or supportive service that they provide through the devine branches of God.In Kabala there are 72 Angels who belong to 10 sephiras, with 22 paths interconnecting between them, this is called the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life Angels are often referred to as Guardian Angels.
I am a professional Psychic Medium, Reiki Master and Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor. I truly believe in Angels and it was through meditation that I was inspired to create the artwork for these cards. I wanted to represent Angels in a unique way, how I see and feel their energy while using prayer and meditation. So when I designed each card, not only did I thoroughly research each Angel in various books and media sources, but I also used prayer, meditation and channelling to truly connect and understand their unique energy. Angels are simply the most beautiful, pure, light beings and they are the highest form of vibrational energy.

Tree of Life Angels

I created this Angel card deck and website to raise awareness of the 72 Angels of the Tree of Life and their governing Archangels.
I hope to inspire others to open their hearts and minds through daily meditation in able to strengthen connections and communications with the unique energy of each Angel in the Tree of Life.
The Tree of Life Angels will awaken your spirit, elevate your consciousness and help you to appreciate all of the Angelic support and divine blessings life has to offer.

The Tree of Life Angel Card Decks are $30 (Canadian) (plus shipping).

Each deck includes 82 Angel Cards plus an accompanying guidebook. Designed, printed and packaged in Ontario Canada.

All artwork and text is copywritten by the artist Giselle Urech and may not be reproduced by any means, electronic or otherwise, without first obtaining the permission of the artist.